Thursday, January 24, 2013

Failing Efficiently

Today, Johnson & Wales University-Charlotte welcomed Chef Chris Young to speak to culinary students and faculty.  Pretty cool talk.  His Delve culinary research group is really doing some new and interesting things in the world of culinary arts.  One thing I took away from the lecture was the idea of failing efficiently.  That is what he mentioned was the key to his group's successful innovation initiatives.  The idea is that if you're not failing, you're not challenging yourself enough and that you're not doing anything new at all.  I'm taking this a step further and applying it to my everyday life.  I don't want to do ordinary things in life, like stay with a company for 30 years hoping that through hard work one day my time will come.  I want to be the driver of my success and not rely solely on others for me to thrive.  I'm going to compete in culinary competitions.  I'm going to venture to strange places.  I'm going to be an entrepreneur.  So what if I encounter any failures along the way.  I'll overcome them and emerge even stronger.  Failing is simply the price of success.


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