Friday, January 25, 2013

S&D Culinary Challenge

So, today I competed in the semi-final round of the S&D Culinary Challenge.  The challenge required us to create a recipe using S&D coffee or tea extract.  I used both in my Espresso Toffee Crunch Doughnuts with Black Tea Latte Filling.  What is it...Murphy's Law that if something can go wrong it will?  Well, today for the first time ever I could not get my yeast to plump up the dough.  I've been experimenting with yeast doughnuts for weeks and have never encountered this.  Things worked out at the end.  It was probably more fritter batter than actual doughnut, but who doesn't like fritters?  Everyone seemed to enjoy the texture.  I was able to work any grainy bits from the powdered sugar, so that was a good thing.  Whether moving to the finals or not, I think I will continue to tweak the sweetness.  "Cloyingly sweet" is not what I was working towards!  :-/  Finalists will be announced on Monday.  I tell you one thing, it's a great excuse to continue eating loads of doughnuts!  Check out pics at S&D's Facebook pages:  While you're there, throw a LIKE my way for the S&D Culinary Challenge-Fan's Favorite Award...Ashley's got bills, ya'll!..ha!


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