Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Challah Bread...8 out of 10

Man, this Intro to Baking class is tough!  Not sure if I'm just an overachiever or I just don't get challenged enough, but I have been getting so many B's in this class...I don't get B's!  Take this Challah bread.  I was so focused on rolling out my 16 inch strands, sculpting the perfect braid, not being stingy with the egg wash...but not over egg washing and what is the result?  Some really ugly Challah bread.  I see where the opportunities are...I have to work to get those air bubbles out of my dough and making sure the strands are even throughout. 

Before proofing

After proofing...see those bulges and uneven widths in the dough? Now, I'm nervous! 

Of course this is the day our chef instructor decides to grade our bread.  I just got the Kaiser roll...well kinda.  Maybe I'm not delicate enough for baking and pastry.  I might have to pull a rabbit out the hat to earn this A...geez :-/


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