Tuesday, January 29, 2013


We tackled croissants in my Intro to Baking class.  Like most things in the culinary world, it just requires some understanding of why you are doing what you are doing and some patience.  For example, keep the butter cold so that you can fully develop those buttery layers.  We had a pretty packed agenda, so the time required to wait after each fold was consumed with creating fillings, making brioche, making wheat rolls for freshman dining room...busy!  I opted to fill my croissants with almond filling and top them with sliced almonds and raw sugar.  They were really tasty, but I needed to use less filling to prevent it from oozing out.  I rolled my dough out fairly thin.  The small croissants didn't hold the filling too well. Lesson learned.  I have some more almond filling to play with.  If we have a lull in production (ha!), maybe I've give it another shot.  Almond paste is awesome!


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