Friday, June 13, 2014

Good Times-City Cafe (Baltimore)

We had another good experience at City Café today.  Good food, good dessert,..GOOD DRINKS!!!  We've been to City Café on a number of occasions.  For some strange reason, I would always end up with something that featured crab.  I've come to realize that I'm not a big crab fan...don't tell the Baltimoreans.  I opted for the burger while my boo order a beef tenderloin salad.  On both, we didn't quite get the temps that we requested.  I was looking for a medium burger, but Ayla ordered her tenderloin medium.  It came out a little more bloody than anticipated.  However, since we only pretend to be food snobs, we just rolled with it.   

My burger was so flavorful.  The beef patty stole the show unlike a lot of places that feature burgers where the burger needs so many toppings to get good flavor.  I was pleasantly surprised by the macadamia nuts in Ayla's salad.  Macadamia nuts are so pricey. It makes sense that they are not featured everywhere.  But when they make it to the dish, they should be a statement addition.  By leaving them whole, the chef did just that.  Tonight was the first time that Ayla had bread pudding...what have I been doing?!!  City Café's version with blueberry compote and Baltimore's favorite, Taharka Brothers Honey Graham ice cream was a great introduction.  Everything complemented each other so well.  It was a deliciously sweet but not obnoxiously so.  I'm motivated to make some bread pudding with all these leftover doughnuts (yes, I'm back to the original spelling)...sweet...

My cocktail was superb.  It's a martini that came straight from their cocktail menu.  I can't remember the name for the life of me.  Plus, I'm too lazy to call.  Anyway, it was so good, I made my next one a double...that's probably why the details are escaping me.

City Café is an awesome choice in the Mt. Vernon neighborhood of Baltimore.  I will be sure to frequent it more in the future.  I suggest you do the same.  Checkout the cocktails.

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